The prices of marketable Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders have been reduced by Rs 135 per cylinder on Wednesday (June 1).

After the reduction, the 19- kg marketable cookery gas cylinder would now bring Rs 2,219 in Delhi, Rs 2,322 in Kolkata, Rs 2,171.50 in Mumbai and Rs 2,373 in Chennai. 

19 kg commercial LPG cylinder in Guwahati will now cost Rs 2,387 per cylinder from the earlier Rs 2,514.

Non-subsidized cookery gas remained unchanged at Rs 1,052 per14.2- kg cylinder in Guwahati.

The price of LPG cylinders is revised bimonthly for all countries and union territories in India. The prices vary from megacity to megacity depending on the prevalence of original levies similar as VAT. the middle of the month.